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French Language Study

In 1966, the Higher Education Department, Government of West Bengal, introduced adult French Language Courses. The courses are comprised of two levels viz. Certificate and Diploma with duration of one (1) year each and comprising of two semesters.


The course aims to render the knowledge in French Language and Literature in reading, writing, and speaking, among the participants.

Minimum eligibility is Higher Secondary Examination.

Tuition fee is Rs. 20.00 (Rupees twenty) only per month collected at a time for six (6) months viz. one semester. Admission fee is Rs. 20.00 and Examination fee Rs. 20.00 for the Certificate Course, and Rs. 30.00 for the Diploma Course.

The performance of a participant is evaluated on the basis of written and oral examination of marks-300 for Certificate Part-I and Part-II and Diploma Part-I and marks-400 for Diploma Part-II to conduct after completion of each semester.

In 1979, the Burdwan University Council has decided that a student who would pass the B.A. Examination and also obtain the French Certificate and Diploma from the Institut de Chandernagor would be treated as having pass the B.A. Examination with French as a combination subject.