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Picture Gallery


Picture Gallery

Symbol of Friendship

Some of the Museum Items
  Kannailal Dutta, 1888-1908.jpg (190730 bytes)   Goddess Jagadhatri.jpg (165357 bytes)    Head of European People, Ivory.jpg (113573 bytes)    Polish Black pot.jpg (116692 bytes) 
Kanailal Dutta                    Goddess                        Head of                         Polish Black Pot
                                            Jagadhatri                 European (Ivory )

Goddess Durga Ivory.jpg (145412 bytes)   Miniature Painting, Samudra-Manthan.jpg (160074 bytes)   Moti Masjid, Painting on Ivory.jpg (152985 bytes)   Nandadulal Temple, 1741.jpg (606377 bytes)
Goddeess Durga        Miniature painting         Painting on Ivory      Nandadulal Temple

Old Chariot,19th century.jpg (581297 bytes)   Procession of Rath Yatra.jpg (637900 bytes)   Radha.jpg (99369 bytes)   Sacred Heart Church,1884.jpg (642328 bytes)
Old Chariot                      Rath Yatra                        Radha                       Sacred Heart

Saint Louis Chappel, 1720.jpg (660467 bytes)   Terracotta Gent Musicien.jpg (132964 bytes)   Terracotta Mother & Child.jpg (119010 bytes)   Terracotta Portuguese Ship.jpg (233688 bytes)
Saint Louis Chappel         Terracotta                     Terracotta                   Terracotta  
                                         Gent Musician              Mother & Child           Portuguese Ship

Terracotta Seal.jpg (134355 bytes)   Terracotta Standing Male Figure.jpg (89048 bytes)   Terracotta Yakshi,Chandraketugarh (c. 2nd - 1st Century, B.C.).jpg (86552 bytes)   Vishwakarma Dhokra.jpg (114308 bytes)
Terracotta                            Terracotta                 Terracotta                   Dhokra
Seal                                       Male Figure               Yakshi                      Vishwakarma

Some Pictures of Central Hall
   View of Reading Room of the Library.jpg (129980 bytes)  View of Central Hall.jpg (137520 bytes)

View of the Long Varandah at the front of the Main Building